Life Skills for Tweens Workbook – How to Cook, Clean, Solve Problems, and Develop Self-Esteem, Confidence, and More | Essential Life Skills Every … for Teens, Tweens and Kids (Boys & Girls))



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If You’re a Growing Tween Excited to Become an Independent and Capable Teenager, Then Keep Reading! – Discover 25+ Essential Life Skills to Guide You Through Your Tween, Teen, and Adult Life

How prepared are you for the world out there?

School can teach you a lot of things, like; how to solve math equations, how to understand complicated text, how many continents there are, and so much more.

As a tween growing up, there are so many new things going on in your life right now. There are so many changes happening and so many new things to learn.

But, there are some practical things in life that you can’t learn in school.

This workbook is here to help!

Develop, practice, and work on practical life skills that will aid you in your journey of growing older.

This workbook will delve into the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that every tween faces and will hand you the solution — from learning how to cook a hearty meal, to managing your money wisely, to knowing what to do in case of an emergency.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You’ll also discover:

25+ Essential Skills to make life easier: Enjoy the growing-up experience, and enjoy becoming a capable and reliable teen. These skills will also make navigating adulthood way, way easier!How to become the best version of yourself: Set attainable goals and build up your self-esteem with this workbook! You’ll learn how to solve problems and be accountable for your actions, even from a young age.The steps to becoming a responsible and happy adult: Get on top of your game and ensure that you avoid common pitfalls that most tweens fall into after becoming teens. You’ll avoid even more pitfalls when going from teen to adult, too.And more!

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Life Skills for Tweens Module 1Life Skills for Tweens Module 1

Life Skills for Tweens Module 2Life Skills for Tweens Module 2

Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.1Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.1

Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.2Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.2

Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.3Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.3

Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.4Life Skills for Tweens Module 3.4

Learn the best skills

You are at a time in life when skills may seem to you to be of little use, but which, when the time comes, will give you an edge over any of your peers.

You will find out what these skills are and how to develop them on your own time.

Manage money correctly

Financial education is often neglected during tween and teen years, believing that it is solely the responsibility of adults to manage money, keeping kids in the dark about the subject.

You will learn how to save and manage your assets properly, to find yourself prepared for the years when you are independent.

Develop positive habits

The way you decide to spend your days will inevitably influence your physical, mental, work and social development, leading you to have a more or less success-oriented future.

You will learn to choose the habits that you feel are healthiest for you and for achieving your dreams.

Learn how to respond to moments of emergency

Many people, when they hear another bad news story on the news, think that the most serious situations will never happen to them and that they will always be safe, away from danger.

This book will teach you how to prepare for any emergency situation by reacting correctly and giving first aid.

Life Skills for Tweens Module 4Life Skills for Tweens Module 4

Life Skills for Tweens Module 5Life Skills for Tweens Module 5

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (February 10, 2023)
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