SETTINI Sleek Leather Journal Gift Set – Vegan Leather Hardcover, Unique Pen holder, Lined, 192 Pages, 6″ x 8.5″ – Includes Luxury Pen – Ideal for Writing and Travel – Durable Design



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Introducing Settini, a collection of stationery and lifestyle accessories for the thoughtful, creative, and organized. From journals and pens to life planners, our products help you document your thoughts, passions, and ideas. Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal, spiritual, or professional life, Settini has got you covered.

Deluxe Collection

Why do we love what we do?

At Settini, we are passionate about what we do because we believe in the transformative power of journaling. It brings personal growth, creativity, and clarity. Our love stems from witnessing the positive impact journaling has on lives. Through our premium journals, we empower individuals to express themselves, manifest their desires, and achieve their goals. We are inspired by the journey of self-discovery and transformation that journaling offers. We love what we do because we get to be part of your story, helping you turn aspirations into reality.

Impressions Collection

What makes our products unique?

Inspired by contemporary Italian design, we merge innovative materials with traditional techniques and craftsmanship, resulting in a harmonious fusion that elevates the user experience. Each product is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. Settini also uses vegan leather for its products.

Elite Collection

INCLUIDES A LUXURY PEN: This womens or mens journal for writing includes a stylish Settini Milano Pen. The black lacquered metal pen with gold trim has brass barrels, a Hinge Clip, and Twist action mechanism. It comes with a black German Ink refill (compatible with Parker Style) and a 1.0 mm tip size for precision writing.
FAUX LEATHER BOUND NOTEBOOK: This handsome Writing Journal for men features a hardcover made of animal-free PU leather that looks and feels like genuine leather. The fine stitching adds to its sophisticated appearance, making it one of the best-looking journal notebooks. The spine is specially designed to act as a pen holder, allowing you to carry the included Settini Milano Pen with ease. Measuring a little over 6″ x 8″, this journal is the perfect size to take on the go.
CLASSIC STYLE: This Settini classic hardcover notebook design can be used as a bullet journal, creative writing, school journal, travel notebook, diary, business, executive, office notebook, workout journal, recipe journal, record book, etc. Travelers & Bullet journalists love classic notebooks for their sleek style.
Customers have praised the notebook for quality and craftsmanship of the Writing Journal, finding it well-made and beautifully designed. This journal with pen is also appreciated for its good value for money, sturdy build, correct fit, and pretty design. Customers also found that the journal is exactly as advertised, has high-quality faux leather, and is very durable.


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